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Speaker Profile:

Nicole Kelm headshot
Nicole Kelm, Health Equity Leader

Nicole Kelm leads Strategy and Collaborations for Deloitte’s Health Equity Institute (DHEI). She’s dedicated to driving change to address root causes of health inequities. She leads the DHEI’s work focused on activating key decision makers to accelerate change, strengthening local ecosystems to advance more and healthy equitable communities, and driving health equity innovation and learning across the US. 

She is a leader and strategist specialized in public health/healthcare with 10+ years of experience in the public and private sector in the US and abroad, including with the US Navy, the Peace Corps, the World Food Program and the World Health Organization. She supports transformation of health systems by leveraging a unique set of experiences - public-private, military-civilian, developed-developing, implementer-strategist - with strong organization and communication skills to serve historically excluded and marginalized communities.


Thursday, December 1, 2022 | 4:10pm - 4:45pm
Addressing the Cost of Inequities
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